Jorn Releases Statement About the Song For Ronnie

Message from Jorn.

I am overwhelmed by all the positive response regarding “Song for Ronnie James”, and all the warm comments I have recieved from all around the world.

It means a lot to me that you have embraced this song as something coming from the heart, and I’m truly grateful.

In just a few days more than 100.000 people have viewed the video on the internet, and the number is still rising…

Many people are too busy trying to reinvent the wheel, forgetting the talent, quality and originality of the people that paved the way, like Ronnie James Dio.

jorn_and_dioMy intentions for writing ”Song for Ronnie James” was to bow down and pay respect to one of the greatest, most influential and unique artists the world has ever known.

When Ronnie passed away so sudden, I wasn¨’t sure whether or not the release of the song should be postponed for a while, but we decided to proceed with the release of the song as planned.

“Song for Ronnie James” was written before Ronnie got sick last year, and it makes me sad to know that he never got to hear it.

Without Ronnie’s presence, I would not have become the artist I am today.

It’s hard holding back the tears when reading all your wonderful comments, and once again I thank all of you for your support and recognition.

Ronnie James Dio lost his battle against cancer, but we must continue to fight this disease. Medical researchers are doing progress every day, and they need our help.

You can help World Cancer Research Fund International by following the link below.

I urge you all to contribute in any way you can, your help will make a difference.

Sincerley yours,


Jorn & Dio at the House Of

Blues, Orlando in 2000

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