Vegas Rock Revolution #5: Duel, House of Broken Promises, Tyrants by Night, Sonolith 7/5/18 Vamp’d

Vegas Rock Revolution Showcase: Duel/ House of Broken Promises/ Tyrants by Night/ Sonolith at Count’s Vamp’d Las Vegas 7/5/18

Review by: John Gist

Photo’s by: Leah Burlington

Sonolith got the party started with a very strong set to warm up the crowd. Alex Sonolith and his gang have been a regular as an opener for VRR and are known for their hard driving riffing instrumental sets.

Tyrants by Night came on stage blazing with their early Metallica feel and blew away the crowd as they continue to build upon being the hottest heavy rock band in Vegas. Thanks again to Matt O’Rourke, Jay Dumas, Skylar Voegele and Josh Govang for being part of another Vegas Rock Revolution Showcase.

House of Broken Promises came into Sin City just for this show and they brought the fire as Arthur Seay ignited a fast and furious riffing and grooving set pounded out by longtime drummer pro Mike Cancino and front man Joe Mora.  These desert rockers come from Coachella Valley that has produced such bands as Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Brant Bjork ,Eagles of Death Metal and Unida (Both Seay and Cancino are also members of Unida as well as Kyuss vocalist John Garcia). They represented and proceeded to melt the faces on the rocking crowd at Count’s Vamp’d.

And finally headliners, Texas boys DUEL. They were so excited to play they snagged new tattoos down at Count’s Tattoo Company! These cats brought such an amazing energy to their set. The crowd was lifted into a frenzy as front man Tom Frank (formerly of Scorpion Child) and lead guitarist Jeff Henson really are spectacular live players and for some of us music fans watching/ hearing duel guitars done right is an art in and if itself. Shaun Avants (formerly of Scorpion Child) on bass and their pounding drummer Justin Collins keep the fury going! It’s no wonder these guys are about to do their 5 European Tour.  Fans went nuts rocking to the songs deep into the night like true rockers no how and closed down Vamp’d hours later !

  • Client: John Gist
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington