Vegas Rock Revolution with Void Vator @Count’s Vamp’d 3-8-18

Interview with Lucas singer/ guitarist  from Void Vator

by: Leah Burlington

Hello Lucas!!

 It was so awesome to see your killer new band Void Vator at Count’s Vamp’d in Vegas last Thursday night. It was hosted by John Gist and Vegas Rock Revolution. It was an excellent showcase of local and new bands such as yourselves, even though your band is from LA. It was a very different show for Vamp’d and you guys brought in a nice crowd and then slayed them with your heavy rock n roll!! I gotta say I am inspired by your band! Your live set is very energetic and the band is tight!! You have kick ass songs as well that are catchy! I will be watching for more good stuff from your band!! Let’s dive right in!!

Full interview in the April issue of Sin City Presents Magazine …

  • Client: Void Vator
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington