UFO @ Count’s Vampd 3/23/16

UFO @ Count’s Vampd 3/23/16

By: Leah Burlington

When I heard the legendary band, UFO was going to play our neck of the woods at Vampd, I thought I had better get out and see them. They have been around since 1969 so you never know when a band like this will call it quits. This in one of those bands you have to see at least once. Some of the people there had seen them a ton of times over the years. I was probably one of the only people there that was somewhat clueless. The band ended up schooling me in the end. Unfortunately it was on a work night, but I decided at the last minute to go. I was only going to stay for an hour but because UFO is that amazing, I ended up staying the entire show and being late for work. It was so worth staying for.

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  • Client: UFO
  • Year: 2016
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington