Twisted Sister @ The Joint 5/30/15

Twisted Sister: Metal Meltdown- The Joint-Las Vegas 5/30/15

Twisted Sister is one of those bands that you instantly recognize for the costumes and make up and hard driving rock n roll. But there is more behind what is on the outside. There is a band that has been through the school of the hard knocks since way back in the 70’s, playing small clubs on the East Coast for many years before they came to the final line up and look that made them famous in 1982. Before their huge successful album “Stay Hungry” that had two huge hits and major MTV face time, this band had two amazing albums that don’t get much love. Their first raw as hell album , “Under the Blade” was one of my fave’s along with “You Can’t Stop Rock n Roll. Twisted Sister is the epitome of ROCK to me. I have seen them quite a few times over the years and they never cease to put on one of the greatest rock shows the planet has ever seen. The main reason: Dee fucking Snider!! The man that has been one of my greatest rock Hero’s since he went up against congress and the PMRC back in the 80’s. He is the epitome of what a Rock Star should be. Now at 60, this man lives the line, “You can’t stop rock n roll!!” He is fit, muscular, can sing perfectly, and he has the energy of a much younger man. Onstage he is a juggernaut, melting faces with the fire within and love for the music…

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  • Client: Twisted Sister
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington