Tom Keifer@ Count’s Vampd 8/14/15

Tom Keifer: At Count’s Vampd 8/14/15

When the band Cinderella came out in 1986 with the album “Night Songs” I was hooked immediately. I fell in love with the gorgeous lead singer with the pouty lips that reminded me of a young Steven Tyler. And what a voice!! We drove all the way to Seattle from our little nook of Long Beach Washington to see this new band open for Bon Jovi the first time and then David Lee Roth the second time in one year. This band didn’t disappoint either time. So much raw energy and the songs were incredible! The stage presence of these four rockers from Philly, was just immense. They were pegged as a glam rock band, but this band had something most of the band from the era didn’t have… substance.

That amazing singer was the mighty Tom Keifer and over the years I have seen him with Cinderella a few more times and he always put on a great show and sounded great, even after his vocal cord surgery that could have ruined his career in 2008.

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  • Client: Tom Keifer
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington