Tinnitus @Count’s Vampd 7/23/15

By: Leah Burlington

Tinnitus is a local Las Vegas cover/ performance band, who features the amazingly talented Jeff Tortora, who plays drums for the hit Vegas Strip show, Blue Man Group which he has been in since it opened in Vegas in 2000. When he has time from those two shows/band, and many other projects he also plays in Uberschall, which consists of three drummers a bass player and two guitarists, mostly from the Blue Man Group. This man keeps busy and he loves it.

I went to see Tinnitus last week at our local rock club for the second time at Count’s Vampd, and I was expecting to see some craziness, as that is what this band is known for….

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  • Client: Tinnitus
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington