The Watchers & Kyng (Vegas Rock Revolution) @Count’s Vamp’d 9-20-18

By: John Gist

This past Thursday at Count’s Vamp’d was a spectacular night of excellent high level heavy rock.

The Watchers came down from The Bay Area just for the show and blew people off their chairs and closer to the front area. I have seen The Watchers twice before this including SXSW Ripple Fest and this was their best. Always delivering an excellent pro show with amazing songs that just naturally get you rocking as it has a fragrance of familiarity but you can’t quite pin them down. Anyways I am already in talks with them to come back to Sin City again. Importantly they rocked and were cool to work with along with of course being good people. Ripple Music was very smart grabbing these guys. Buy their music and support if you can! Their newest album, “Black Abyss” is truly amazing!

Local act, Honor Amongst Thieves slid into the middle spot and torched the place for 30 minutes of fury sure to leave a mark. The boys ignited fans and had the floor good and crowded. Some rumor this might be the last show of the year for them?

Kyng returned to the land of Milk and Honey… Oh those were the stripper’s names… I kid I kid… SiriusXM Octane stalwarts came in with full set of their killer songs from their three releases (Two of the releases charted) as well as a few tricks up their sleeves. Front-man Eddie Veliz whispered delicately (Kidding) in my ear that Christian Brady of HELLYEAH was coming up to join with the band to do “Hot for Teacher.”  Folks were so fired up to see Christian Brady one of our hometown heroes getting up there randomly and shifting Eddie to just sing the David Lee Roth part… This was a masterful set and the crowd was non-stop rocking all night long!

Excellent showcase of killer heavy rock from Vegas Rock Revolution brought to Count’s Vamp’d by John Gist.

  • Client: Vegas Rock Revolution
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington