TailGun @Vampd 6/20/15

TailGun is a local Las Vegas rock n roll band. They opened for Autograph on June 20th 2015 at Count’s Vampd. These five guys are made up of Cory Kay-Bass, Todd Turgeon-Drums, Rob E.G.-Guitars, Dru Jaxin-Vocals and Larry Kelly-Guitars. These talented guys come together and meld into a perfect rock n roll machine. They put out an EP earlier this year with three kick ass singles, ‘Coming in Hot”, “Ass, Grass, or Cash”, and “Riding High, which they played this night along with some new originals. I have to say every time I see this band they just get better and better. This is one band to watch here in Vegas, as the more originals they write, the better the new CD will become and maybe they will get some national attention and gigs outside their home town. I would love to see this. TailGun is one of my fave local bands as they don’t rest on their laurels, they keep creating. Also because their live show is pure rock, and they aim to please.

Keep an eye out for TailGun!! Check out their Facebook page here: TailGun

  • Client: TailGun
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington