TailGun @Count’s Vampd 8/22/15

TailGun & Back ‘N Blue on 8/22/15

Our own kick ass original local act, TailGun opened the show for Black ‘N Blue and warmed up the crowd first with some searing rock that kept the flames burning bright as they came in hot and left us wanting more. TailGun is: Dru Jaxin-Vocals, Cory Kay-Bass, Todd Turgeon-Drums, Rob E.G.-Guitars, and Larry Kelly-Guitars.

For full review of Black ‘N Blue and TailGun go to Sin City Presents on September 1st for the new issue!!! 

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For video of TailGun click here: TailGun: Coming in HOT

 (Video courtesy of Trish Kerr/ Trishaidekaphilia Trish




  • Client: TailGun
  • Year: 20105
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington