Sons of Apollo 4-27-2018 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Sons of Apollo

by: Leah Burlington

I feel like I made the right choice with going to the Sons Of Apollo show last night at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas!!! (I am bummed I missed Kings X!!) Holy crap my friends!! What do you get when you put five of the MOST talented musicians in prog and rock/metal in one band?? You get perfection personified!!! Every member of this band is famous and amazing in their own right. No one overshadowed anyone on that stage. What we had were five guys ripping shit up for the fun of it and having the best time! They played all the songs of their new album and a few covers for shits and giggles. They did short solo’s and didn’t overdo it. All I saw was smiles and jamming like madmen!! It was SO fast paced it was hard to get killer shots, but I think I did ok.

It was an excellent two hour high energy show!!! Don’t miss these guys if they come to your town..

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Check out their website here: Sons of Apollo

Sons of Apollo: Alive

  • Client: Sons of Apollo
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington