Rock n Roll Compendium: KISS 6-27-14

Rock n Roll Compendium: KISS was on for a few weeks at Planet Hollywood at the Sin City Theater and featured Sin City KISS.

I went on Friday 6/27 because I was in on a huge surprise  that was my friend was going to propose to his long time girlfriend onstage and if she said yes, (She did) Then Gene Simmons (Luis Reyes) would perform the ceremonies.  It went off without a hitch and Duane and Genie Forkner had their rock n roll dream wedding in front of friends and family during the intermission of the show.

Sin City KISS puts on quite the KISS spectacle with all the pomp and circumstance of a real KISS show. Starting in their early years all the way through until they took off the makeup. All done with Ace and Peter in the band. The costumes were spot on and the band had all the music down. Paul Stanley (Steve Mitchell) was a more then perfect Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons (Luis Reyes) is the best Gene I have ever seen. I am sure Gene would be proud. Peter Criss (Carl T Ciadella) Did a great job during “Beth” and  Ace (Keith Robert) Had Aces solo’s and poses down pat. There was some comedy in there about Ace leaving and wanting more money and then Peter after that, which was quite funny. They changed costumes from Love Gun all the way through Dynasty with some jokes in there about disco and all through it the band just rocked the stage. I had a great time and the KISS wedding was awesome. Everyone there pulled off the surprise perfectly and Genie walked away shocked and a happily married woman. If you love KISS you will love Sin City KISS!!


  • Client: Sin City KIss
  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: Leah Burlington Photography