Renaissance Rock Orchestra: Showcase 12-12-18

The Renaissance Rock Orchestra played a exclusive showcase for some of their investors and management last Weds at Count’s Vamp’d and I had the honor of covering the show in photos.

The Renaissance Rock Orchestra is the worlds newest symphonic rock concert experience. This powerful “Rock meets Bach” rock show features performances by rockers from some of the biggest bands in rock history including Foreigner, Survivor, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, RATT & Yngwie Malmsteen. The music combines elements of classic rock, progressive metal and symphonic influences into a highly energetic and beautiful blend of powerful, spellbinding rock majesty. Brain child of Gregg Fox and Mikey “Bones” Gerbino (RIP), this has been in the works for several years and is finally coming into fruition in 2019!!

They had some excellent players in the band on this night, and as time goes, there will be many other talented musicians added to this line up of what could well be called a “Super Group!”

RRO performances will be known for being highly energetic sonic and visual experiences with a live orchestra, state-of-the-art digital graphics and sound, and often include elaborate theatrical presentations with dancers and actors.

RRO’s album “In Times of Olde” has broken new ground in the world of progressive metal and symphonic rock. It is a definite “must-have” for anyone who is into powerful and epic melodic metal.

This show was with Robin Mc Auley and Mark Boals on vocals. Gregg Fox on keys, Brian Tichy on drums, Christian Brady and Toni Aleman on guitars, and Ralph Ciavolino on bass and an four piece string section consisted of (V1) Krista Solars / (V2) @Kat DeGarcia / (Viola ) Micaela Nielson / (Cello) @Rachael Brown.

This band is totally fantastic!!! Imagine the talents of the two incredible vocalists, Robin and Mark together along with the symphonic styling’s of keyboardist Gregg Fox. The heaviness of Tichy on drums is epic as well as these two amazing guitarists, Toni and Christian who are a perfect fit for this kind of neoclassical and symphonic melodic metal!! This music is right up my alley!!! When this band goes on tour, this will be a show to see, hear and feel!!! It is an amazing experience you guys will love!!!

  • Client: Renaissance Rock Orchestra
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington