Paradise Kitty @Count’s Vampd 2/18/16

Paradise Kitty @Vampd 2-18-16

Official Bio: “Paradise Kitty is an LA based band of five girls who grew up loving Guns n’ Roses. Listening alone couldn’t satiate these kittens. They decided to pay musical homage to the infamous sunset strip kings. When Pri (lead guitarist) contacted Rachael Rine (drummer) about putting together a Gn’R tribute band, they agreed they had to find the best match for each player. They needed girls who could really cop the unique swagger and feel of Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven. They found exactly what they were looking for in Caroline Cirone (bass) and Hisako Ozawa (guitar). With Jenna Syde (vocals) leading the helm, these kitties are ready to kick in your door, blow off your roof, start a riot, and vandalize your hearts. They’ll definitely be hitting a stage near you soon. Welcome to the jungle of Paradise Kitty. This is your proper invitation, also consider it your official warning.”

Paradise Kitty clawed its way into Sin City on a Thursday night to a packed crowd and shredded faces.  Paradise Kitty is an all female band tribute to Guns & Roses and some of the ladies are also from the infamous Iron Maidens. This line up consisted of Rachael Rine on drums, Jenna Syde on vocals, Courtney Cox on Lead guitars, Nichole McCumsey on bass, and Danielle Mcguire on guitar. They had the lovely young Lexii Lynn Frazier also guesting on guitars and this kid can shred!

The kitty’s played everything off off the Appetite for Destruction album, the pinnacle Guns and Roses album that everyone had, and they did it with attitude and spunk and some serious talent thrown in there. They had a blast onstage, doing shots and just having fun. They brought the crowd in close and kept them head banging to the music of an era long gone but not forgotten. These kitty’s rock!!!

Paradise Kitty will be back in Vegas at the Cannery June 24th & 25th! Make it a plan to go see these girls rock!!

Check them out on Facebook: Paradise Kitty

  • Client: Paradise Kitty
  • Year: 2016
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington