Outta the Black@ Vampd 7/11/14

One of  MY favorite local original/cover bands that plays in Vegas is Outta the Black. They put on a killer show and on this night they brought out the big guns with guest vocalist Cian Coey who sings with many bands around town like Brazen and Doc’s Angels along with singing with the legendary monster, Meatloaf. The band is Greg Silver on guitars, Keith Trombino on bass, Scott Westbrook on drums, and this night they had their old guitarist, Jerry Vayne tearing up the guitars with Greg, like they used too back when they were the best double axe attack in Vegas. They tore up the Vampd stage with songs from bands like Queensryche, Dokken ,Priest, and Maiden. They also have some great originals that they broke out for good measure. David Lee Watson came out and sang it up with them as well as Sherise Marie who is one of our fave dancers moving to the groove of the music. Yes at Vampd we have it all… Great bands, music and dancers and the best metal/rock fans out there. There is a reason that all the old school musicians have moved to Vegas… That reason would be Vampd. Outta the Black kicked our asses as usual!!

  • Client: Outta the Black
  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington