No Words @Count’s Vampd 7/23/15

Nik Kai’s new band, No Words played a kick ass set at Vampd in Vegas on 7/23/15 as they opened for local Vegas band Tinitus!! These six young men rocked the house with their style of new metal with a fury and flair. Singer  Atonio Savelio  is an excellent front-man with mad skills and a passion for music.  Of course Nik Kai has mad skills as well and at 14 years old we will be seeing a lot of good things from this young man, especially in this band!! His entire new band rocked the house and they announced that they have been newly signed to UDR Music record label, the home of legends like Saxon, Motorhead and Uli Jon Roth. They are getting the honor of playing the coveted festival,Wacken Open Air in Germany this week. These kids have a lot going for them, I hope they take it and run with it!!

My fave moment of the night was when singer, Atonio came out after their show and got up front and rocked out to Tinitus!! He has a love and passion for music that will keep metal alive after all the legends have gone on to heavy metal heaven. Kids like these will carry the torch so metal doesn’t die!!! Seeing his love for music made my metal heart sing!!!! Rock on Atonio!!! And rock on No Words!!! Keep that spirit alive!!! \mXm/

No Words is: Nik Kai, Atonio Savelio,Izzy Max, Chris Garcia, Drew Moses and Shane Zimmerman.

No Words Facebook: Nik Kai’s No Words

  • Client: No Words
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington