Let it Rawk @Count’s Vampd 12/12/15

Let it Rawk: At Count’s Vampd 8/01/15

by: Leah Burlington

Let it Rawk is an All Star Band with musicians that all had big bands in the 80’s. The main man is founder and guitarist Stacey Blades, who played with LA Guns and Roxx Gang. They also have their main singer from Black n ‘N Blue, Jaime James wailing on vocals. There are some other musicians that come and go from show to show and this incarnation was with the mighty Oz Fox from Stryper on guitars, Jimmy DAnda from Bullet Boys on the drum kit and Sean McNabb on bass who has played with just about everyone, including, Quiet Riot, Lynch Mob, House of Lords and more.

Let it Rawk is a feel good show with so many of our favorite songs of our 80’s era with all the pomp and glam of the day. All these guys are talented and been in the spotlight in their own right most their lives and they give it all they have onstage. Let it Rawk puts on one hell of a rock n roll show!! Make sure to go see them if they come your way!!

Set List is: Autoblast, Wanted man, Into the Fire, Never Enough, Rattlesnake (An original song), Love Machine, For the Love of Money, Miss Mystery, Two Time Woman, American Rebels (Another original) The Hunter, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Wild Side, Mr. Brownstone, Round and Round, and I Wanna Rock.


  • Client: Let it Rawk
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington