Killer Dwarfs @Count’s Vampd 4/09/15

Now this band is a blast from the past!! I saw the Killer Dwarfs back in like 1990 here in Vegas soon after their “Dirty Weapons” album came out. These four crazy cats are from Ontario Canada and I just remember they had a silly sense of humor in their videos and I also remember the singer Russ DWarf standing on his head while singing at that show. I vaguely remember him running around the club while singing as well, no wait, he was riding around on a kids trike!! Ha!  He was just non stop. That was a memorable show at Calamity Jane’s. So when I heard that Vampd had them coming I had to go see them.

Its been a long time since I have seen or even heard anything from these guys and they just came out of nowhere to do a tour, so thankfully we got them here in Vegas. They have another show coming here at LVCS in August 1st. So they are coming back already! They must like Vegas!

The band was founded in 1981 and is made up of founding front man Russ DWarf Graham, who to this day is still one crazy dude. The Only other founding member is drummer Darrell “DWarf” Miller who is also a nut. Guitarist Gerry DWarf Finn has been with them since 1991. The last guy that has only been with them since 2013 is bassist Johnny DWarf Fenton, the new DWarf in town.

The Killer DWarfs still put on an energetic show, cranking their hits “Dirty Weapons”, “Its Doesn’t Matter at All”, “Keep That Spirit Alive”, “Stand Tall”. Russ was still a pistol, bouncing around and moving and making faces as he always has. I even got him to stand on his head again, if not for just a second. The highlight for me that could have been disasterous, Russ jumped off the stage basically into my arms when I had my camera up shooting him!! Talk about up close and personal!! I almost lost my balance where we both would have been on the floor but I kept upright and just laughed my ass off at him. He said he was sorry later, with a grin. He then just stayed in the crowd and sang with some of the fans. he was just as crazy as he used to be. He is known for his antics. Which to me are a blast!!

The Killer DWarfs put on a killer set, so next time they come to your town, go see them!! Not only do they rock they will make you laugh!!

Check out Killer Dwarfs website here: Killer Dwarfs

Facebook page: Killer Dwarfs Facebook

  • Client: Killer Dwarfs
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington