Judas Priest: At The Pearl, Las Vegas 11/14/14

Judas Priest: The Pearl Concert Theater 11/14/14
By: Leah Burlington
How does a band survive for forty years of playing heavy metal? Well with a band like Judas Priest, it’s all a way of life. And some ups and downs. With the mighty Rob Halford going off to do his thing with Fight, going an opposite direction with TWO and then becoming the Metal God again with Halford. Then finally making his triumphant return to the Priest on “Angel of Retribution”, this band will survive anything and have. With the the loss of platinum blonde axe man KK Downing a few years ago, I wasn’t sure they would survive that loss. Then in walks this kid. Richie Faulkner, known only for his stint with Steve Harris’s daughter, The Lauren Harris band, a guitarist full of energy and life, who came in and just breathed a breath of life into an otherwise somewhat fading band. Priest was still kicking ass, mind you, but Richie made this band that I grew up with have fun onstage again. Especially in 2011 when I caught He and Glenn Tipton cracking up onstage the whole show. This kid is just what this band that formed in the early 70’s needed. A huge shot of adrenaline and youth, is what Richie Faulkner is to Judas Priest…

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  • Client: Judas Priest
  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: Sin City Presents