Jizzy Pearl & Love/Hate @Count’s Vamp’d 6-23-18

Jizzy Pearl’s Love/ Hate @ Count’s Vamp’d  6-25-18

by: Leah Burlington

I remember in 1990 this killer album by this killer new band called Love/Hate. The album, “Blackout in a Red Room”, was instantly a classic and still holds true today. I loved this album so much, that when Love/Hate came to Vegas to play one of the coolest rock clubs of its day, Calamity Jane’s, I had to be there. I don’t remember much from almost thirty years ago, but I do remember this: Love/Hate tore up that stage with pure rock n roll intensity and unbridled energy!! This new front man named Jizzy Pearl, was a force to reckoned with. This band was so hard core, they were almost punk!! They all had matching black and red stage clothes and Jizzy had a cross made of bud cans. I will never forget that and they were awesome!!

Fast forward about thirty years and Jizzy Pearl is living in Las Vegas, having played over the years in Ratt, LA Guns, and sometimes with The Sin City Sinners. Now he has gone back to his roots and recorded a new album with Love/Hate called “All You Need is Soul”, which came out in April of this year. He is on the road doing the “Sticks and Stones” tour with band mates, original Love/Hate drummer Joey Gold, guitarist Darren Housholder, and bassist Doc Ellis, from the Sin City Sinners / Original Sin, who is a major player here in the Vegas scene.

I haven’t seen Love/Hate live in many years and I was truly excited to see them again after all these years although it’s only Jizzy and Joey from the original band. This “new” band unleashed the fury of rock from the moment they stepped onstage until the end of the show and that is saying something. Jizzy sounded amazing and had a lot of energy, hamming up for my camera and just being Jizzy. He commanded the stage like the old days and he was having a blast!! His guitarist really blew me away. This blonde tan man with muscles(Darren Housholder), played that guitar like he was lifting,(well the expressions on his face looked like he was lifting!) although the guitar looked tiny in his hands! This guy was up front and center, in my face all the while I was shooting. He is fun to shoot and he shreds!! Doc Ellis played bass with his friend Jizzy on this show, and we all love Doc and his cool demeanor with smoke trailing around his head while rocking that bass. Classic drummer Joey was keeping that back beat alive and hard!! These guys were tight as a band!! I really enjoyed seeing these guys live and loved the energy of the show!! I even told Jizzy later that they and he sounded just as good now as he did almost thirty years ago!! It was an absolutely great show with old classics from “Red Room” and songs off the new album!! If they come to your town, make sure to go see them!!

Also in the July issue of “Sin City” Presents Magazine!

  • Client: Love/Hate
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington