Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, NEED, & Ascendia @Adrenaline 5-15-17

Evergrey-Seven Kingdoms-Need-Ascendia 5-15-17

by: Leah Burlington

Evergrey is a progressive power metal band from Gothenburg Sweden and has been around since 1995. Their first album “The Dark Discovery” came out in 1998. Since then they have put out nine more albums, with the newest masterpiece, “The Storm Within”, which they are doing a tour for now in the states. Evergrey doesn’t get to tour here often, but they have done some excellent shows at the Prog-Power USA festival, that happens every year in Atlanta, Georgia. They have headlined this fest and they have also debuted new albums there (Which I have been there for) Evergrey is a big part of the fest and pretty much they are like family to us…

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  • Client: Sin City Presents
  • Year: 2017
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington