Dirty Pairadice Reunion at Count’s Vampd with Smashing Alice 7/27/18

Dirty Pairadice Reunites onstage during Smashing Alice’s set @Vamp’d

Smashing Alice played Count’s Vamp’d for Dallas William’s Birthday Bash and for the first time in five years, Dirty Pairadice reunited together again onstage for a few songs! Dallas and Ruzz Roxx, who are in SA, exploded onstage with guitarist, Dylan Dice and drummer, Donald Decceco and played their original songs, “Nightlife”, “Dirty Pairadice”, “Can You Feel It?”, and ended with a bang with “Cowboys From Hell!!”I stood there, on the barricade, in tears when I saw them ripping up “Nightlife” again!! They were totally tight and full of new found energy!!! It was very emotional for me to see these guys rocking together again!! It brought back so many memories of hanging out and seeing these guys tearing shit up all over Vegas and especially at Vamp’d five years ago. I did my first band promo’s with these guys!! I have always believed in them 100%. Dylan and Dallas have that “Power Duo” chemistry, like Axl and Slash or Steven and Joe. I have always said that and to this day, I believe this band could make it big. Ruzz and Donnie balance them out with their boundless energy and heavy rhythm section! These four personalities are perfect for a kick ass rock band to conquer the world, not just in Vegas!! It is rumored that Dirty Pairadice is back together, writing songs and maybe even adding another guitarist, for that “Double Axe Attack!” Keep an eye out for more shows in the future!!

  • Client: Sin City Presents
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington