Dirty Pairadice Las Vegas 2/14/14

There’s nothing better then spending Valentines Day checking out some live Rock n Roll. Especially when its my fave local band, Dirty Pairadice. Some things have changed in the camp of crazy misfit boys, who have been around for a few years tearing up the local Las Vegas rock club scene as well as gigs in LA. They lost their beloved guitarist Dylan Dice when he split the band. The chemistry between Dallas Williams, the charismatic bad boy frontman and Dylan couldn’t be beat. Two peas in a proverbial pod, not only rockin the Vegas “Nightlife” but getting into all kinds of trouble together. These guys were born in the wrong generation because the 80’s Sunset Strip would have eaten them up. I have been shooting these adorable and talented boys since their inception and they have accumulated a huge following in Vegas over the years. They have a new lineup minus Dylan and Donnie but still have Ruzz and Dallas. They got a new drummer and added two new guitarists, one is a 17 year old wonderkid that is in a league of his own. A young Zakk Wylde or Dario Lorina, Christian Robbins. I have known his father Walter since the late 80’s when I moved to Vegas when he was in Luv Hunter.  I was skeptical about all this change with two guitarists and a new drummer. But I was about to get owned by these cats!

When I went down to Backstage Bar & Billiards I was tripping on the club itself. Designed to look like a backstage, with music equipment cases as tables and the bar was the same decor. Kind of different. Hipster crowd and loud as hell. Not really my cup of tea but my boys were about to play so it was cool and I had friends there to hang with. The lighting isn’t the best but the club had a decent sound system and lots of room to move about. Dirty Pairadice loaded up their huge stage dice and equipment and proceeded to blow the roof off the club, as they always do. They seem to have a new crowd of fans since their music has some new elements and they are going for a “new” sound and not so 80’s influenced as they used to be. The new songs sounded a bit heavier and Dallas’ usually gorgeous vocals were a bit heavier with some growling here and there. Not too bad. I was ok with it. The most impressive thing I was seeing and hearing is this kid Christian with his golden Les Paul, fucking ripping that thing apart and having the stance and of a true Rock Star, this kid is going to go far. He just oozes rock and he got that from his Father, Walter. Being 17 and not even born in the 80’s, this kid would have been right at home onstage with bands like GnR or LA Guns back in the day. Everyone meshed well, new and old members, and the band just rocked. The crowd was going completely wild over these guys and it did my heart good to see that the young kids are still loving the live Rock. It was off the hook. Crazy and awesome. I will miss the old DP with Dylan and Donnie but in time I will get used to the new kids. Its going to be fun to watch Christian grow with them and really bloom as a rock guitarist. If they just keep rocking and stay out of trouble and these cats will go far.


  • Client: Dirty Pairadice
  • Year: 2014