Dimmu Borgir @The Joint @HRH Las Vegas 8-19-18

Dimmu Borgir at The Joint @HRH 8-19-18

Photo’s: Leah Burlington

The Sinister Minister review of Dimmu Borgir at Psychofest Las Vegas;

On Sunday, August 19th, Vegas felt the burn of Hell…. And not from the summer heat… We were treated to an amazing show from one of the leading Symphonic Black Metal bands on the planet… Dimmu Borgir! And this Minister was fortunate enough to get a killer last minute hookup from my good friend and Rock Photographer extraordinaire, Leah Burlington…

Just before the show I was able to join Leah in DB’s dressing quarters and got to meet (Guitarist) Silenoz! He was very cool and accommodating he was good enough to sit down and grant me a quick interview for The Black Mass on Loaded Radio! We had a beer during and chatted about the bands immediate plans…  Awesome stuff! Then we moved to a different room and shortly after, in walks (Singer) Shagrath… Nearly made up for the performance and I got to say a quick hello… It was really awesome to finally meet this band I have so admired since 1996! After the show, we got to hang at the center bar at the Hard Rock with Silenoz for pretty much the remainder of the evening…  And a great time we had! On to the performance…  Well, what can be said aside of, ‘you had to be there’, cuz you kinda did!  But if you weren’t, let’s just say you missed a show of absolute epic proportions! And this was technically a warm up show for Dimmu, they’re gearing up for their own world tour in support of the new album, ‘Eonian’ I can imagine how killer the entire production is gonna be! I’ve seen Dimmu in full force with the Symphony and it’s amazing what they can do in full effect… So, it kinda goes without saying that if you have the opportunity to witness this spectacular spectacle of Metal… By all means in Hell and on Earth, Don’t miss it!

Dimmu Website: Dimmu Borgir 

YouTube: Dimmu Borgir Videos


  • Client: Dimmu Borgir
  • Year: 2018
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington