Devils Run @HOB, Las Vegas 9/20/14

HOB has a local band showcase every month or so and its called the Envy Showcase. I went to see my friends Chris Babbitt-Guitars and Ernie Rodrigues-bass, play the showcase in Devils Run. I have known these guys for many years and Chris’ band Devils Run was first called Seventh Son which they had to change to Taking Dawn, who had their own fame all around the world playing festivals and being on Roadrunner records as well. They changed the name again now to Devils Run. I went in not knowing what to expect and went to the photo pit to shoot and when this band took the stage it was insanity from the first strum of the guitar by Chris Babbitt. I was completely blown away by this kid that I have known since he was 17, now 29, Chris has the energy of a tornado tearing around the stage and shredding the guitar like a seasoned pro all the while channeling his own inner Angus Young!! Even to the point where he took Ernie on his shoulders and carried him around the stage while they both played and never missed a lick!! The whole show was like watching something out of the early 80’s with so much energy and so much talent. I swear this could be the next BIG band!! This band could change the world!! I then saw at the end of the set, Chris Babbitt take a RUNNING leap off the over 5 foot high stage, into the mosh pit and land on his feet (barely!) and run around the pit still shredding like a monster!! He then runs back behind the barricade and jumps up on it and continues to rip on his guitar a killer solo right in the faces of the young fans (Who by the way packed the floor!) who just ate that shit up!!! I stood there in AWE watching this kid fucking channel so many guitar Gods in that one song that I had goosebumps the rest of the night as I raved on and on to whomever would listen. This my friends is how rock n roll is done!!! Hails to Chris Babbit for showing what rock is all about!!! Go see this band if you can!! They kick major ass!!

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  • Client: Devils Run
  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington