Coldspell @LVCS 5/10/14

Killer show by my friends in Coldspell who hail from the cold lands of Sweden. Hence the name. This is an seriously talented band that plays power metal that is very melodic and high energy. They have played Vegas before and this time they got a better crowd. They did a short 3 day tour of three key cities that receive them well Albuquerque, Scottsdale and Vegas which was good for us! I love this band and they put on an excellent show with their new bass player Chris Goldsmith, who is full of energy, and they just gave us a killer show! The current band line up, is rounded out with, Niclas Swedentorp – lead vocals Micke Larsson – guitars Matti Eklund – keyboard/hammond Chris Goldsmith – bass Perra Johansson – drums. They have a new Cd out titled: Frozen Paradise. Can’t wait to see them again!!

Check them out on their site:

  • Client: Coldspell
  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: LVCS