Autograph@Count’s Vampd 6/20/15

When you think of the band Autograph, you think of the song from 1984’s album Sign in Please, “Turn Up the Radio”, a song and the video that was the epitome of 80’s. It now has almost 2,000,000 hits on Youtube thanks to it being on the soundtrack of video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That was one of my favorite songs of the 80’s and I remember it always pumped me up to go out! It came out the year I graduated high school! I really always loved that song!

So flash forward to the year 2015, when the band does a reunion tour but with two things missing. The energetic singer Steve Plunkett, who has zero interest in being in Autograph due to the fact that he has been creating music in the movie industry for many years and is doing very well in that. Also no keyboards. But the band is still made up of founding members, guitarist Steve Lynch who is now a music teacher in Seattle and bassist, Randy Rand who has a leather making company. They recruited former “Jailhouse” singer Simon Daniels to front the band and drummer Mark Weiland.

Autograph came out and played Vampd like they were kids again. The band rocked through “Deep End”, “Dance All Night”, “Loud and Clear”, “Bad Boy”, “Blondes in Black Cars”, “When the Sun Comes Down”, “All I’m Gonna Take”, (New song) “I lost my Mind in America”, “Send Her To Me”, “Cloud 10”, “My Girlfriends Boyfriend”, (New song) “You Are Us, We Are You”, “She Never Looked”, “Crazy World”, “That’s the Stuff”, and finally the one I had been waiting for all night, “Turn Up the Radio!” Simon did an amazing job fronting the band and I really loved the new song You are Us, We Are You. This band still kicks ass!!!

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“You Are Us, We Are You” – The first new song from Autograph in years. 2015 brings a new chapter for Autograph, starting with this new song, “You Are Us, We Are You”. The track is written and recorded by the band’s new lineup. Simon Daniels, Steve Lynch, Randy Rand, and Marc Wieland. The song is available NOW on iTunes using this link:…

Video on Youtube: You Are Us, We Are You


  • Client: Autograph
  • Year: 2015
  • Agency: Photography of Leah Burlington